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During your consultation, Walter will listen very carefully to what you want to be sure that your needs are met and that your clothing will suit you perfectly. Walter uses his skill and experience to suggest the best type of fabric and fit for your body shape. Together, you will agree important details such as the style of buttons, linings and stitching which complete the look.

After your consultation, we will continue to consider what is best for you and design your suit while everything discussed is fresh in Walters mind.

Finally, we bring your completed clothing to you and check that everything is as you expect.

You can choose from an extensive range of fabrics.  For example, you might like our Italian 45% linen 55% wool, by Vitale Barberis Canonico which makes great lightweight summer jackets, trousers and suits. We use our soft construction for these. Soft canvas, natural shoulder, micro shoulder padding and half lined if that's your preference. For a light sky blue cloth you could  finish with a petal pink handsewn lapel button hole or a sky blue button hole with a pink lining!

If you like heavier classic British business suits, you'll like our ‘Iconic British fabrics’ by Hardy Minnis, Savile Row London. For the best results, we use our structured construction. Our structured canvas has more layers compared with our soft canvas to help hold the shape of the chest. We'll use a roped shoulder for definition and a larger shoulder pad. A classic charcoal or dark navy, in a hopsack weave, looks great with a bold red or royal blue lining.

Dormeuil is our most popular choice for our most distinguished and discerning customers. Their English fabrics for our soft-structured, handsewn garments, create our most elegant and sophisticated suits. Our handsewn garments are the most comfortable with around 22 hours more work by hand than our standard quality. The finish is immaculate, the lapel buttonhole takes around one hour to sew perfectly. This extra attention to detail is why our top collection is very special.

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